2009 Countdown Celebration@The Apartment

It has been a blast for me and my friends yesterday for the new year countdown celebration ;-)
here's a re-cap of what have happened

When we first arrived at The Apartment, we are so hungry and looking at all the nice food and aroma's makes our mouth watery and dying to taste it. The waiter took us to a room at the 2nd floor and it was a very pleasant surprise when we get a private room.... and it really is the nicest room which makes it hard to believe! because we book it just like everyone else. The room has a nice feel to it, quiet, elegant, exquisite, and definitely a place I won't forget anytime soon. =P okay, lets cut the crap talk and straight to the juicy part. Here's how it looks like

The Apartment

Yes, we are inside of it lolz

Its a really really beautiful room ^^

Too bad one of our usual kaki not there

The horrifying Menu!!!

This dish is obviously called Chicken in a Bag for a reason

Lucky for me, the chicken inside is quite big and satisfying ^^, the chicken is steamed inside with a mix of red beans, potatoes cubes, lots of cheese and it smell really good!

Strange enough, my appetizer comes late >_<" how does it taste like?

Erm.... this duck mango salad is good, but it taste a wee-bit like grass *chomp*chomp* (I ate all of it though, the price is enough to kill me if I don't)

Next comes the best.... the Desserts!! simply love them....

Can you see the sea of people out there?

Last but not least... a group picture of our lovely friends! Love you all xD

*cough* someone behind is *cough*

To end the great night is a great firework show! XD enjoy and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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