Remember Pikachu? Guess where the voice gone to....

Hi guyz, well pikachu is a Pokemon for your information. (shame on you if you don't know pikachu!)To refresh your memory.... Pikachu is the girl plushie hold by that girl in the picture.....

So whats the big deal you ask? See below

She apologize for a reason... lol, Seems like she is going to make a voice-over for this macho lady? character from Ar Tonelico III

That character design looks so wrong in so many different ways. How many kids who discover this news and going to have a nightmare is yet remain to be seen...........

2 Response to "Remember Pikachu? Guess where the voice gone to...."

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ne-Yo hired Pikachu in his song "She Knows" you can hear him several times during the video yelling pika! excitedly.

    Anonymous says:

    yassssss that song tho - just randomly pikachu comes outta nowhere and starts pika-ing weirdly

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