Most Pirated game of 2009, Nuff said!

As the world had known, pirates exist everywhere across the 7 seas and throughout the continent. Just how many are those who scavenged the treasures looted from pirates are now known to all the public eyes. It seems that my hypothesis is correct, the more popular the game is = the more pirated version it will have! well... if it isn't obvious enough, let the stats talk itself.

1. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (4,100,000)
2. The Sims 3 (3,200,000)
3. Prototype (2,350,000)
4. Need For Speed Shift (2,100,000)
5. Street Fighter IV (1,850,000)
1. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (970,000)
2. Street Fighter IV (840,000)
3. Prototype (810,000)
4. Dirt 2 (790,000)
5. UFC 2009 Undisputed (720,000)
1. New Super Mario Bros. (1,150,000)
2. Punch-Out!! (950,000)
3. Wii Sports Resort (920,000)
4. The House of the Dead: Overkill (860,000)
5. Mario Power Tennis (830,000)
(PS3 ISOs are distributed but there is no way of running them)

PC games publishers seems to have trouble dealing with pirates as it is clear as daylight. There is just no way to resist the dark side temptation isn't there? well it is definitely hard for everyone to support original games as some of us have a low income earnings (especially with the currency rates exchange between our country and the States). However it will also be supportive for us who can afford it to purchase GOOD games to encourage the publisher to be better.

It also seems that PS3 is reaping the sweet fruit of its impenetrable wall of Blu-ray technology against piracy, although I have a feeling that it is just a matter of time....

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