Guess What? Infinity Wards is Doing MMO

There have been rumors lately saying that Infinity Wards will be developing a mmo game after their mega-sales money tree Modern Warfare 2 which have the developer put on a big grin on his mouth on the first week of sales. So with all those money, what could Infinity Wards be planning? creating an action-mmo ? We highly doubt it would be RPG, as it could be similar to CSO, Counter Strike, you name it....

Although it could be interesting to see a COD-mmo in the future. So who is going to develop the next game in the franchise you ask? it is going to be unfortunately Treyarch, Though Infinity Ward created the Call of Duty series and handled its first two entries, Activision switched over to a "leapfrog" development strategy with Call of Duty 3, which was crafted by Treyarch. Since then, the annual Call of Duty releases have alternated between Infinity Ward and Treyarch, with indications that Treyarch is readying a Vietnam War era entry, codenamed Call of Duty 7, for release towards the end of 2010.

*Sigh* looks like CoD 7 is going to turn out like CoD 5........ 

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