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Kungfu Bear!! Hiakkk

You know about Kungfu Panda, but what about Kungfu Bear? LoL

P3P is shaping up to be quite Nice!

Just when I thought I won't ever have the chance to play Persona 3 since I sold my ps2 to my friend, luckly they are porting it to psp with improved content =D

The Design Masterpiece of Ironman 2 Suits

Design secrets of Iron Man 2: Suitcase 
armor, Whiplash and crazy improv! 
Iron Man 2 is a design marvel, from the realization of Tony Stark's suitcase armor to the high-powered, heavy-metal set pieces. We talked to production designer J. Michael Riva and conceptual illustrators Ryan Meinerding and Daren Dochterman about this film.

Oh, and if you still haven't seen Iron Man 2, then there are spoilers in this article.

Bow Before The Mario God

I wonder what this guy is wishing?

Hasselblad H4D-40 is 40megapixel monster cam!

Over the weekend, Malaysia saw the release of the latest offering of the Hasselblad H4D series of Digital Medium Format SLRs - the Hasselblad H4D-40 by Shriro Malaysia. Boasting 40 glorious megapixels, a sensor which is about twice the size of a standard full frame DSLR and enough bells and whistles to satiate the most picky of photographers, Hasselblad is aiming to bring the advantages of Medium Format photography to high-end 35mm photographers with this new H4D-40.

More info and pictures after the jump!

This Cat is seriously generating LoL by the seconds

What comes to your mind when you're watching this? LoL

This is one really Talented Girl!!

Watch this amazing girl performs on the drums , I am amazed at the level of difficulty that songs requires and the girl just blaze it through like it was nothing.....

The original song is the OP from K-ON!!

4000$ for this War Machine Suit

In 2008, Anthony Le set out to do something very important: Build a suit from Iron Man.
The 25-year-old fitness consultant has been a life-long Iron Man fan, and his first attempt was more of a costume. His second? His second is a US$4,000 dollar suit held together by high-impact urethane and, according to Popular Science, over 1,500 rivets and washers. Le sculpted the helmet from clay and then created the finished product from resin.

Outfitted with LEDs, the suit boasts a spinning cylindrical gun spins and a motorized helmet faceplate that can open and close. The gun is powered by pressing a button in the suit's glove and can be converted into a paintball gun.
Le decided to make this War Machine suit, the one that Stark's buddy Jim Rhodes wears in Iron Man 2, because, as he tells PopSci, "it just looks more hardcore". That it does.

You Built What?! [PopSci via Halo Squared Thanks, Witz!]

Metal Gear Peace Walker Ads

Basically there is a boy in a cardboard box who mysteriously stalk this guy who I assume is his friend and ask him to get into the box with him when he is confessing his love to a girl....

I don't get it, maybe that boy is gay, who knows? weird marketing

A True Gundam Fan Would Not Waste Any Parts....

An enterprising Gundam fanatic appears to have finally contrived a use for all the plastic sprues collected as a result of the hobby, and the results are quite uncanny…

Natal Would Probably Cost as High as $200

Leaked prices for Microsoft’s upcoming Project Natal give it a supposed price in the region of $200, far from the $80 price point previously touted.
Three Swedish retailers have begun listing the device at 1,499 krona, some $200 in real money. Swedish prices are likely to be somewhat higher than prices elsewhere, but not 150% higher, so if correct this represents something of an upset.
Previous estimates of the final price were $80 or less, certainly an easy sell, but immediate doubts have been raised about the controller succeeding at a price equivalent to that of a full console.

If You're Kid are Lying, Means They are Leader Materials!

Research has shown that children who lie from an early age are more likely to become high-flying leaders, executives and bankers. The complex brain processes involved in formulating a lie are indicators of a child's intelligence, it is claimed.

So the next time your child denies having touched the cookies despite suspicious brown smears around their mouth, there is no need to worry, according to researchers.
A study of 1,200 children found that a fifth of two-year-olds are likely to tell lies, rising to 90% from the age of four. The figure increases further until the children reach their lying peak at 12. But no link was found between telling porkies and a tendency to cheat in exams or commit fraud in later life.
Dr. Kang Lee, director of the Institute of Child Study at Toronto University, examined children aged 2 - 17. He said that parents should not be alarmed if their child tells a lie.

"Their children are not going to turn out to be pathological liars. Almost all children lie. It is a sign that they have reached a new development milestone. Those who have better cognitive development lie better because they can cover up their tracks."
"Lying shows that children have developed 'executive functioning' - a complex juggling act which involves manipulating several brain processes to keep the truth at the back of their mind," said Dr. Lee.
Surprisingly, children's aptitude for lying was not influenced by strict parenting or religious upbringing, the study showed.
Dr. Lee enticed children to lie by telling them not to peek at a purple Barney toy dinosaur placed behind their back. He then left the room for one minute - giving them ample time to peek, while their reaction was filmed. Nine out of ten did turn around but when asked by the tester, the majority denied it.

While the study found the most deceitful age was 12, the propensity to lie dropped by about 70% once the children had turned 16.

Would You Dare to Swallow Cockroach to Destroy Evidence?

This man Sure Did....

A restaurant manager swallowed a cockroach discovered in a customer's dish to destroy evidence.
The incident occurred when Huang Xiaogang and friends were having a meal at a restaurant in Caidian of Wuhan province, China recently.
Huang spotted a black object in the pot of mushrooms and picked it up with his chopsticks.
He was shocked to find out that it was a dead cockroach and complained to the restaurant manager, Wuhan Wanbao reported.
The manager joked that the insect had been "sterilised in high temperature" and was not dirty anymore.
He also assured them that the insect would not cause any harm to their health.
Then, he picked up the insect and swallowed it.
The manager later told health officers that he was worried that the customers would demand high compensation and he swallowed the cockroach to destroy evidence.
He waived Huang's bill of 570 yuan (RM285).

How Tweet can Help you in Sticky Situations

Imagine you are at large electronics store in Japanese otaku mecca Akihabara. Imagine you go to the bathroom and *ahem* take a dump. Imagine that there is no toilet paper in said bathroom. What would you do?
This Man Needed Toilet PaperIf you were self-styled anime song DJ, DJ Kacho, you'd call for help via the internet. Last week, he did just that, sending out an urgent tweet that read: "Urgent request, toilet paper in Akihabara Yodobashi Camera 3rd floor men's restroom".
The toilet paper arrived nearly twenty minutes later, and DJ Kacho was able to go on with the rest of his day. Twitter is good for something, getting toilet paper, for instance!
This Man Needed Toilet Paper
DJ課長 a.k.a 内火艇 (naika_tei) [Twitter via Foolish Gadgets via Boing Boing via Tokyo Mango] [Pic]

What I don't understand is.... why can't he just ask the guy next door? lol, well its the 21st century afterall

Women: We can Tell When You're Looking at Our Breasts!

A survey of women reveals that they are overwhelmingly confident of their ability to detect even the slyest of male glances at their breasts.
When 847 Japanese women were asked “can you spot it when men glance at you?”, 58.3% answered that yes, they could spot furtive glances at their breasts, as opposed to 41.7% feeling unable to detect such attention.
A sampling of their responses:

Best Fan-Made Street Fighter Movie Clip

Galactic Empire State of Mind

There is Something Wrong If you Don't Laugh at This!!

This video makes me go lololololololololololololololololololololololololololol the whole day :-D

The Evangelion Race Team is a Win

Team Evangelion Racing has made its racing debut at the 3rd round of the Super GT, formerly known as the All-Japan Grand Touring Car Championship (Japan GT), held at the Fuji Speedway Circuit recently.

I usually aren't impressed with stuffs like this, but this one in particular really catches my eyes.... especially the accuracy of the showgirls portraying the characters this team represents. The girls are HOT.. I mean the cars as well xD

Now we have USB-Powered Microwave!!....well, the concept at least

If you think USB-powered gadgets are cool, concept USB gadgets are even cooler – of course they are, being concepts, they don’t really have to make 100% sense or be 100% realistic, they just have to sound cool so we all want one. Let me introduce to you a USB microwave concept that can heat up your food without having to leave your desk at all; unfortunately though, the Brainwave Microwave can only cook specially packaged meals that can be recognized when the RFID tag on the fork that comes with it is scanned. It even comes with a software that can alert you when the meal is done and when not in use, the desktop microwave doubles as a notice board so it doesn’t have to sit on the corner of your desk and taking up unnecessary space. How nice would it be to bring your favorite food from home and heat it up at the comfort of your own desk; if only you can add new dishes into the RFID tag.

What is your reaction if your kids wrote an essay like this?

Personally, I think that kid is a genius d(^w^d)

Top 10 Ranking of Japan Idols

A ranking of the top idols of 2010 presents some interesting choices, with the number 3 position being nabbed by a cheeky figure skater and Aya Hirano the top ranked seiyuu at 12.
The top 10 most influential idols, of 150 idols ranked in total: Let the countdown begin ^^

Japan is facing left for dead syndrome

Japan’s “shōtengai,” or shopping arcades, typically a covered approach to a station lined by small shops, as well as its high streets, have increasingly come to resemble deserted avenues lined by shutters, especially in the nation’s increasingly depopulated and geriatric regional cities.
Dubbed “shutter-dōri,” or “shutter streets,” these streets have become a potent symbol of urban decay and the demographic and economic collapse Japan faces.

Interview with A Japanese "Health Care" Deliverer

Yet another delivery health company owner gives a candid interview to 2ch. Unlike the previous interviewee, he does admit to yakuza connections and bribing police.
Those unfamiliar with this particular form of prostitution may wish to start by reading the previous interview with another pimp.

Spending Money is a Virtue

The Japanese media have increasingly been raising concerns that Japan’s younger generations are no longer the bastions of mindless consumer capitalism they once were, with potentially dire consequences for the nation’s economy; a psychiatrist has even gone so far as to say this is a result of mass schizophrenia.
Psychiatrist Hideki Wada, known for a number of books and television appearances as well as some academic publications, claims the drop in consumption is not tied to anything so mundane as Japan’s long-running economic slump, but is instead a result of mental illness.

Japanese Animators only Earn 3$ per hour

The notorious poverty of Japanese animators once again come in for scrutiny, with animators reportedly earning an hourly wage of only $3, less than a burger flipper.

Average incomes for anime industry employees are said to be pathetic even by Japanese standards – actual animators received an average annual wage of ¥1,050,000 ($10,000). Artists received ¥2,320,000, whilst performers could expect only ¥3,330,000 and even directors only received ¥4,950,000.
Looking at the results by age reveals it is most probably seniority and not merit which is the primary determinant of wages, a practice which became entrenched in Japan in the post-war period and still dominates the labour market – those in their twenties received an average of ¥1,100,000, those in their thirties ¥2,130,000, whilst those aged 40-60 found their earnings peaking at a meagre ¥4,000,000.
Actually dividing this income by hours worked (Japanese companies not infrequently demand massive amounts of unpaid overtime) reveals an even more pitiful truth – the average hourly wage for animators is estimated at ¥298 ($3), that for artists ¥689, and that for directors ¥1,412.

Even Cats know what is Love

This is just too sad.......

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