How Tweet can Help you in Sticky Situations

Imagine you are at large electronics store in Japanese otaku mecca Akihabara. Imagine you go to the bathroom and *ahem* take a dump. Imagine that there is no toilet paper in said bathroom. What would you do?
This Man Needed Toilet PaperIf you were self-styled anime song DJ, DJ Kacho, you'd call for help via the internet. Last week, he did just that, sending out an urgent tweet that read: "Urgent request, toilet paper in Akihabara Yodobashi Camera 3rd floor men's restroom".
The toilet paper arrived nearly twenty minutes later, and DJ Kacho was able to go on with the rest of his day. Twitter is good for something, getting toilet paper, for instance!
This Man Needed Toilet Paper
DJ課長 a.k.a 内火艇 (naika_tei) [Twitter via Foolish Gadgets via Boing Boing via Tokyo Mango] [Pic]

What I don't understand is.... why can't he just ask the guy next door? lol, well its the 21st century afterall

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