Would You Dare to Swallow Cockroach to Destroy Evidence?

This man Sure Did....

A restaurant manager swallowed a cockroach discovered in a customer's dish to destroy evidence.
The incident occurred when Huang Xiaogang and friends were having a meal at a restaurant in Caidian of Wuhan province, China recently.
Huang spotted a black object in the pot of mushrooms and picked it up with his chopsticks.
He was shocked to find out that it was a dead cockroach and complained to the restaurant manager, Wuhan Wanbao reported.
The manager joked that the insect had been "sterilised in high temperature" and was not dirty anymore.
He also assured them that the insect would not cause any harm to their health.
Then, he picked up the insect and swallowed it.
The manager later told health officers that he was worried that the customers would demand high compensation and he swallowed the cockroach to destroy evidence.
He waived Huang's bill of 570 yuan (RM285).

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