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This is How Japan Promotes its *Ahem* in Public

Yes... With a Public Bus

Adult computer game Shin Koi Hime Musou ~The Legend of the Moé Commander~ goes on sale on July 23 in The Land of the Rising Sun. To whip players up into a frenzy, this large Shin Koi Hime Musou bus was spotted cruising the streets of Tokyo's geek mecca Akihabara.

A month before this title is released, a non-adult Shin Koi Hime Musou will be released on the PSP. Maybe it'll get a bus, too.
We should all get buses. Really.

*Moar Sauce*

Want to know how to get Rich? Adopt KiDs!! =D

A Korean man living in Japan has reportedly adopted 554 children in order to claim 86 million yen in annual child support payments.

The man, said to be a Korean in his fifties, approached the benefits office at the city of Amagasaki in Hyogo prefecture, where he enquired about the possibility of claiming child support for his children.
He introduced his Thai wife and explained that the couple, in addition to their own child, were now the legal guardians of all the orphans at a Thai monastery, and had the official documents to prove it.
He presented a list containing the details of 554 children – the clerk reportedly asked “Which child is yours?” to which he replied “All of them.”

Man killed by Eel inserted by his friend.....

A man has died after an eel that was inserted into his rectum gnawed away at his bowels, causing agonising injuries which were eventually fatal.

The 59-year-old man, a chef, was reportedly taken to a Sichuan hospital complaining of abdominal pain, dehydration and a great deal of anal bleeding. He was soon diagnosed as being in a severe state of shock.
Doctors were mystified as to the cause, and obtained permission from his family to undertake an exploratory laparotomy. Cutting open his innards, they discovered a 50cm long Asian swamp eel lodged in his rectum.
Though dead, the eel had apparently already wrought havoc on his innards, biting its way through his intestines prior to dying. Internal bleeding and infection rapidly set in.
He was reported to have eaten a lot of eel the previous day, but otherwise doctors had no idea how the creature had got there. His condition quickly worsened.

He lingered for 10 days in intensive care but eventually succumbed to the injuries and sepsis.
The likely cause was eventually established – he had apparently been drinking with friends, and had passed out. His friends had decided it would be amusing to insert a live eel into his anus whilst he was comatose.
Police have reportedly begun an investigation.

P/S : I have no Idea what, why , or how his friends even considered doing it as a "joke" which eventually took his life..... I bet they will now live their live with guilt

Im in Love with this song =D

Nut, Nut, Nut, Nothing on you Baby~

Drinking Cola Reduces Your Sperms!!! =D try Pepsi

New research suggests drinking cola may drastically reduce male sperm counts.
Danish researchers tested 2,554 young men who were being forced to undergo medical examination to determine their suitability for use as cannon fodder.
They gathered data on dietary habits, particularly their consumption of caffeinated beverages, and collected semen samples, which they analysed for sperm count.

Guess What is Happening Right Here?

1 Thing for sure, any guy would like to be in his situation...........

Why You Should Avoid Bootlegs (Fake) Products

Bootlegs (Fake)

The Japanese government has announced that by its calculations the Japanese anime industry suffered some 240 billion yen in “lost” sales due to Chinese piracy and counterfeiting. The Japanese government indicates it intends to press China to crack down.

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