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Latest Japanese Swimsuits

The latest design of a certain Japanese designer has shown a very interesting design with the swimsuit as apparently there is a mysterious zipper involved with its development:

Players Get To Play FFIV for just 1 hour perday... wait, WHAT?

Square Enix have finally clarified how their controversial “fatigue” system for limiting player advancement in Final Fantasy XIV works – players are not after all limited to 1 hour of play a day, but instead to a much more generous 8 hours a week.

For Fish Lovers

Dragon Age 2 Debut Trailer is Legend

Can't wait to get my hands on it 2011~!!! the wait is still so long...

o.O is that a blood mage I see right there? awesome

Pervert Cat and Screwed Up Weatherman!

How Russians Have Fun With Tossing

This one is awesome

PS3 Building Spotted

What great marketing/engineering/architectural skills displayed by the constructor in this case : A giant console look alike building..... although it would be hilarious if it isn't really owned by Sony. 

PS3 Looks To Outsells X360 Very Soon....

via sankaku :

The PS3 has outsold the Xbox 360 by nearly 50% over the past year, and is projected to overtake the total sales of the Xbox in 2011.
The PS3 is said to have sold 14.3 million units over the past year, compared to 10.3 million for the Xbox 360.
Assuming the miraculous "performance" of Kinect does not reverse this trend (or Move does not accentuate it), total sales of the PS3 are projected to exceed those of the Xbox 360 in the first half of 2011.
Depending on the success of the motion controller rip-offs, the bitterly contested crown of second-place loser in the console market may yet change hands – Nintendo’s position remains completely unassailable however.

Raping is not Cool, but this Remix is

The awesome remix:

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