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The New Xbox Slim does not have 3rod.... but it have the "Red Eye"

Well most of you are probably aware that Microsoft will begin shipping their new Xbox "Slim" codenamed Valhalla to most of the states (Malaysia too) in the next few weeks and also comes with a 250gb and 120gb version of it. There is also a bundled package together with the Kinect which is the new motion control system for the console.

What you don't probably know is... this new xbox apparently said to have solved the 3rod problems.... how you ask? by cleverly removing the ability to display the 3rod on its power button. Instead they now have the "blinking eye of death" 

Makinami Mari Tops the Newtype Rankings

The recent release of Evangelion 2.22 has seen all three female leads seize long vacated top spots in the latest Newtype character rankings, with new girl Makinami Mari Illustrious successfully besting not only Yui, Tenshi, and Yuri, but also her costars Rei and Asuka… Well the movie itself is really great, you guys should check out the blu-ray version of the movie! 

The Biggest Gaming Events is Here E3! Part III : Nintendo 3DS

The week before E3 is always a gathering storm of rumor, hype, and anticipation. Friday, however, delivered something unusual even for the usual pre-expo chatter: A potential look at what could be a show-stealer for Nintendo.

The Biggest Gaming Events is Here E3! Part II : Natal is renamed "Kinectic"

There's no need for conjecture; Microsoft's upcoming motion control peripheral, once known as Project Natal, is now to be officially known as "Kinect".
"For lots of people, that controller is a barrier," Microsoft creative director Kudo Tsunoda told USA Today. "We set out to make a new control paradigm where anybody can get in and play, without having to read the instructions or learn a complicated set of controls."

The Biggest Gaming Events is Here E3! Part I : New Xbox revealed

So What's Inside The New Xbox 360?
It appears, going by some advertisements popping up online just before E3 kicks off, that Microsoft plans to unveil a new model of the Xbox 360. What, then, does this new console bring to the table?
For starters, as you can see, the most immediate difference is in the look of the machine. Gone are the smooth lines of the current model, replaced by something that looks sharp, and angry. It's definitely not the path I thought Microsoft would take in trying to make the Xbox 360 more "family focused", and I'm not a fan of its "PC case mod" design.

This is Probably where the iPhone franchise is heading

Impossibe? with Apple anything is possible.... lol

Nerd Rage when GF deletes his WoW characters

A girlfriend who sadistically deleted her boyfriend’s MMORPG characters without his knowledge and secretly filmed his explosive reaction has been the subject of no small opprobrium.

Beware the spurned 3D girlfriend.

A Boy Get Married To A Cow for Raping it (LoL)

A boy accused of having sex with a cow was forced to marry the beast despite his protestations that the cow seduced him with honeyed words.
The 18-year-old, a resident of the island of Bali in Indonesia, was spotted interfering with a cow whilst naked in a paddy field.
He allegedly admitted the act, but claimed the animal was at fault because it “seduced him” by making flattering comments.
Village elders decided the only way for him to make penance for this unnatural act was to marry the cow.
It is not clear whether they accepted his explanation about the encounter being the result of bovine flattery.
The marriage ceremony was duly held in font of an audience of several hundred, with the boy fainting from shame.
Unlike a conventional marriage ceremony, the unfortunate bride was subsequently taken to a river and drowned, with the boy escaping with a symbolic dunking.

p/s I guess that boy missed out a wife who can provide him with milk every morning... LoL!

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