The New Xbox Slim does not have 3rod.... but it have the "Red Eye"

Well most of you are probably aware that Microsoft will begin shipping their new Xbox "Slim" codenamed Valhalla to most of the states (Malaysia too) in the next few weeks and also comes with a 250gb and 120gb version of it. There is also a bundled package together with the Kinect which is the new motion control system for the console.

What you don't probably know is... this new xbox apparently said to have solved the 3rod problems.... how you ask? by cleverly removing the ability to display the 3rod on its power button. Instead they now have the "blinking eye of death" 

Yes.... the Dreaded Red Eyes

Not to forget that when the xbox gets overheated the system would certainly and most of the time gives you a warning which looks like this

Ironically its like a patient with a heart attack who just don't have a stable rate of vitality to last through their lives, this is how Microsoft markets their products, take off the old problems, put on a new case, stick a new price tag, = profit

Instead of solving anything, they instead present us with a new type of sugar coated fragile product.

and yea, check out this video

Awesome eh?

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