Nerd Rage when GF deletes his WoW characters

A girlfriend who sadistically deleted her boyfriend’s MMORPG characters without his knowledge and secretly filmed his explosive reaction has been the subject of no small opprobrium.

Beware the spurned 3D girlfriend.


Such incidents seem increasingly common – it is not clear whether any boyfriends so afflicted have sought legal remedy, but under US law property damage against a partner generally counts as domestic violence, and malicious deletion of online property certainly seems to meet this definition.
Thus it would probably be possible to have her arrested, not that this would resurrect characters worth hundreds of hours of play time.

Although it is probably too late to reconcile relationship with her bf ever again, I guess the bf is either too consumed in rage that he "probably" forgets that Blizzard is capable and will restore his lost account with a simple mail sent to them....

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