Now we have USB-Powered Microwave!!....well, the concept at least

If you think USB-powered gadgets are cool, concept USB gadgets are even cooler – of course they are, being concepts, they don’t really have to make 100% sense or be 100% realistic, they just have to sound cool so we all want one. Let me introduce to you a USB microwave concept that can heat up your food without having to leave your desk at all; unfortunately though, the Brainwave Microwave can only cook specially packaged meals that can be recognized when the RFID tag on the fork that comes with it is scanned. It even comes with a software that can alert you when the meal is done and when not in use, the desktop microwave doubles as a notice board so it doesn’t have to sit on the corner of your desk and taking up unnecessary space. How nice would it be to bring your favorite food from home and heat it up at the comfort of your own desk; if only you can add new dishes into the RFID tag.

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