Top 10 Ranking of Japan Idols

A ranking of the top idols of 2010 presents some interesting choices, with the number 3 position being nabbed by a cheeky figure skater and Aya Hirano the top ranked seiyuu at 12.
The top 10 most influential idols, of 150 idols ranked in total: Let the countdown begin ^^

1. Erika Toda (actress)

2. Maki Horikita (actress)

3. Mao Asada (figure skater)

4. Nozomi Sasaki (model/idol)

5. Atsuko Maeda (idol/actress)

6. Yui Aragaki (actress/singer)

7. Aya Ueto (actress/singer)

8. Haruka Ayase (actress/singer)

9. Saki Aibu (actress/idol)

10. Keiko Kitagawa (actress)

And Aya Hirano? She places 12th, the top ranking seiyuu – a good enough showing to appease otaku fans, as for my own liking, I like no.1, 2, 4, 7, and no.10 of course ^^


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