Playboy Seducing Gamers in a New Way?


Gamers are inherent masturbators, so it's no surprise that Playboy regularly reaches out to them with nude renderings of videogame girls. BloodRayne, Velvet Assassin and Clive Barker's Jericho are among the D-list games that have featured in the magazine's annual nudey spread, but for 2010, Playboy's going a bit upmarket.
AAA titles like God of War III and Heavy Rain are making the cut this time, with lovely pictures of high profile videogame ladies totally in the buff. It seems that it is releasing for the January/February Issues, if you're interested you can get one and tell me how is it ^^ . Here's the list of lovelies due to be featured:
  • Hecuba Manaros -- God of War III
  • Lolita Chang -- CrimeCraft
  • Skylar St. Claire -- The Saboteur
  • Beatrice Portinari -- Dante's Inferno
  • Bella Antonelli -- Mafia II
  • Madison Paige -- Heavy Rain
This isn't the whole package which I can't really show because its obviously NSFW! =P eventhough this sounds wrong, It seems like Playboy is revolving into something the Japanese would like.

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