Top 10 Free MMORPG for you to choose ^^

If you're one of those players who don't like to pay to play their mmorpg and are sick of games that need monthly fee's like WOW or Aion you're in luck ^^ , Here's a review of the top 10 mmorpg which is FREE, yes I know you like the word FREE. As we all know there are tons of free mmorpg out there, but what is really worth your time? which game is suited to your liking? hope you can find one here!

10. Free Realms

Yes, in general, Free Realms is catered towards kids. The cartoony artstyle, the emphasis on minigames and the completely optional combat all make that point the more clearer. However, there is one thing that many of the subscription based models miss out on the Free Realms nails right on the head: accessibility. The ability to hop in and out of the game, play for 15-30 minutes and feel like you’ve actually accomplished something is extremely hard to achieve and Free Realms does it to a certain point. Since almost anything you do contributes experience to leveling up. If your looking for something different than the usual level grind and for a more social experience, Free Realms is where you should go.

9. Runes of Magic

Runes of Magic is your standard fare Fantasy MMORPG in the same mold of World of Warcraft. Everything from the general art direction to the UI layout screams WoW, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing if you can’t afford to play WoW anymore and need to move to something free. Not everything in Runes of Magic are the same as WoW – a dual class system, player housing, and the ability to specialize in multiple crafting systems without penalty to another are some of the features that many players wish would be implemented in WoW.

p/s I played this before, this game have some pretty good graphics compared to others but the quests and grinding could be tiresome if you don't have a party to spend the time with. 7/10

8. Perfect World

Perfect World is another MMORPG that is modeled after WoW with a few key differences. The two main different include a heavy influence of Chinese Mythology and an extensive PvP system that is up there with the big boys. Large clan and territory battles, PvP instances and PvP arenas are some of the highlights of this game that also features flight – something introduced prior to the Aion launch.

7. Dragonica

Dragonica is a arcade style, 3D side scrolling MMORPG. The game features a unique keyboard control scheme and a combo system that rewards players for learning to intricacies of their characters skills and abilities separates this game from the rest of the free to play games out there. A fun, anime art style and an injection of humor also make this game a bit different from the rest.

p/s This game definitely has the art, the combat system is fast paced and good looking. However the gameplay does get boring and linear as it is similar to maple story. 6/10

6. Fiesta Online

The first thing you’ll notice about Fiesta Online is it’s extremely bright and colorful palette and art style. Whereas most games tend to feature a lot of earth tones, Fiesta is as bright as the Vegas Strip at the night. Fiesta is very party centric and features some additions such as a marriage system and Kingdom Quests which are group quests for 10-15 people at a time.

5. Atlantica

I’ll come out and say this right now: Atlantica is definitely NOT for everyone. Even with the localization, there are grammar and spelling errors, there is almost no tutorial to get you into the intricacies of the game, and it all feels very foreign. If your looking for a tactical turn-based MMORPG, Atlantica is where you should look. Once you push past the overwhelming first few levels, the unique party system and turn based combat will suck you in and grab hold.

p/s This game is a really good strategy mmorpg which is unique and gives you something different. However it also could be hard as players who uses real money will get all the nice equipments, scrolls that boosts points, power-leveling. It is money leeching if you're addicted to spend money on game items. 8/10

4. RF Online

RF Online separates itself from the rest of the MMORPG group by offering a sci-fi universe to play in rather than a fantasy setting. The game offers 3 unique races to play as, one of which happens to be a race of robots. As we’ve all learned from Transformers and Gundam, robots are awesome. The game also features a progression system for guns as well as a decent PvP offering.

3. Requiem

Requiem labels itself as a “horror MMORPG” that is catered to a mature audience. The combat is visceral and gory with no lack of blood from each battle. Beast possession powers and a wide variety of weapon types and specialization accent the dark, gloomy setting of the game. If your looking for a game that has taken a new approach at the MMO genre, give Requiem a try.

2. Mabinogi

Mabinogi labels itself a second generation MMO and the approach the developers took is definitely a change from what many of us are used to. The NPCs remember the players and build relationships based on the type of conversations that were held earlier, offers true-to-life experience with your character because of an extensive control system and a unique aging system, where your character grows 1 year older every week definitely make this game something you have to try at least once.

1. Dungeons and Dragons Online

Formerly a subscription based game, Dungeon and Dragons Online has moved into the free genre recently (and with much anticipation, as the servers could barely hold all of the players when the switch was made). DDO has all of the features you would expect from a subscription based game for none of the price and was labeled as the best free to play MMORPG on a multitude of sites. The amount of polish, along with a fantastic combat system and large userbase, makes it hard for other MMOs to compete.

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2 Response to "Top 10 Free MMORPG for you to choose ^^"

  1. Ooo cool post.
    Been wanting to start playing these kinda games already. After my finals that is. LOL.

    Seen people playing Dragonica. Pretty cute stuffs.
    Any recommendations? Which one are you still playing?

    Anson Tan says:

    LoL, actually I didn't really played all of them. Dragonica was pretty popular and you might be able to find alot of Malaysians playing them as well. If you like maple story then you are gonna love it

    Runes of Magic and Atlantica is pretty cool too, but they could be a bit hard to play lol ^^"

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