Ever wondered how many bullets is needed to kill a TANK in L4D2?

No... not as in REAL Tank, its the Tank from Left 4 Dead 2 game :D here's some educational lessons. Did you know that it takes ten swings from a Frying Pan (8.5 seconds) to bring down an Expert-level Tank in Valve’s Left 4 Dead 2? Did you know it about five clips from an Assault Rifle, seven clips from a Silenced SMG, or three clips from a Military Sniper Rifle to do the same? If you’re not prowling the game’s official Steam message board, you probably didn’t know, so consider yourself educated.

And now consider yourself fortunate: Steam forum user “Urik” has created a sharp visual chart that displays weapon effectiveness (bullets to kill, time it takes) against these big and epic baddies, proving that not all weapons in L4D2 have been created equal. Not that we thought the Axe and the Combat Shotgun were one and the same ...

Complete stats below this...

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