Ju-On 2 : Hantu Hitam Putih review

When A Person Passed Away With A Great Vengeance, They Come Back To Curse....
GAMEZ score :2/5
Story : 2/5
Scariness Factor: 2/5
Cinematography : 2/5
Sound : 3/5 

Well, here it is.. the much anticipated sequel to the movie "Ju-On : The Grudge" which is very highly welcomed to the world of horror films. But does this sequel lived up to its past ancestors? definitely not, because as far as I remember, the original Ju-On have moments "like the crawling on the ground" which is extremely spooky and memorable to its audience. However this movie still does feels like Ju-On although it isn't as scary as its predecessor. Review as follows:

But wait, from the title "Ju-on: White Ghost and Black Ghost", apparently there are two ghosts. What gives you say? Well, it has two separate movies in one, so that's already worth the price of ticket admission. Take it this way; if you don't like one ghost, you can always take the other. Its either White or Black, depends on your preference. Our little white boy ghost also seems to make an appearance in the movie itself.

Yes, this movie is divided into 2 parts which is somehow related a little bit to each other. But be forewarned, the director way of filming this movie may not appeal to everyone as they are very special. Each character is introduce through a series of short film, explaining the story from the end to the starting line. Some people WILL get confused when watching the show, some might lost the storyline somewhere, and some will totally have no idea what the movie is about. All of the short stories are relevant to each other to make up the conclusive ending of what really happen.

The story itself isn't very strong as it is just some family massacre and some unborn twins. Nothing new here, just some occasionally scary moments which will die off quickly. If there is one redeemable feature in this show is the awesome weird sound that I never thought a human is capable of doing it. Yes, you will hear it a lot until you might even get infected by it lol. Well, you should probably watch it if you're a fan of the movie..... because it is still somehow relevant, however if you are searching for a pure horror flick then maybe this isn't the soup for you.

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