Valkyria Chronicles 2 is dictching Main Storyline?

*Spoilers Alert*

To some of you who have heard, played, and loved Valkyria Chronicles, you might had resented the sequel which is going to be released on PSP instead of its main console. Recently some of the images hinting that Alicia and Welkin will be back which delights fans into forgiving the developers, However with even more images out which are totally not in place are making the fans questioning what on earth has happen?

Ever watched Zombieland? here's the scenario....

Is it me or aren't this people supposed to be dead?

Well, it does delight me that we are able to play Selvaria again, however this is totally contradicting the main storyline if this characters would just suddenly jump back into the game sequel. It still remains a mystery whether this characters will be available for main storyline gameplay or just for multiplayer or unlocked as a secret character or just for the lolz.

Well... we will just have to wait and see!

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