Dell Offer Gamers 2 New Laptop & 1 Monitor

Do not read this if you're planning to burn a hole in your pocket!

The Alienware M11x is an 11-inch system with "all the power of a 15-inch laptop" that boasts HD 720p resolution. Dells says it's "as easy to carry as it is powerful" -- but they neglect to mention in the press release how much it weighs or how much it costs. Reports from the Dell press conference that took place this morning quote Dell as saying it will be below $1,000.
Dell unveils two new laptops and one new monitor for PC gamers to ogle
If 11-inches aren't enough for you, Dell also has new M15x and M17x models coming out for $1,399 and $1,799 respectively. The M17x features Intel Core i7 processors, which should allow you to max out the settings in most PC games.
Lastly on the PC gaming front, Dell unveiled a 23-inch Alienware OptX AW2310 monitor that features stereoscopic 3D. The monitor provides in-game 3D through NVIDIA 3D Vision technology (think Metro 2033); however, it's sold separately from NVIDIA at $499.

For those of you that just purchased a new laptop...... well you missed your chance for an Alienware Laptop below 1000$ (approximately RM3500)  (T_T") sobz

FYI, the M11x GT335M performance is close to ATI RADEON 4650 - 4670 which is pretty neat for a gaming laptop considering that it will perform great on 11" screen

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