Video Games Have More Negative Influence than Porn

First of all I should warn you guys: The subject of this story is ... well, he's a man named Ron Jeremy. Well, who the hell is he you ask? It isn't strange that you don't know this hideous Mario dude cause he stars in porn video. Well not that I know of him before I clicked the wiki... any minor should stay away from him. Now that you've been informed, this is what he actually says during the CES event.

Mr. Jeremy, the pornographic actor, recently appeared on a CES panel which debated the effects of adult entertainment in the Internet era. As a riposte to an attack on his industry, Mr. Jeremy said, "we don't want kids to watch porn, though if they do, there are far worse influences out there - like video games. Studies have found that violent video games are much bigger a negative influence on kids."

Well, not that I totally disagree on him since there have been news where kids started to kill , rob, runaway from home to meet his online fiance (yes its true), rape, and doing more idiotic stuffs due to gaming influence. Porns on the other hand is considered "Health Care Material" , seriously some hospitals offers porn treatment for some of their patient (not in Malaysia of course =p) . However games still can be played at public places and not porn , so you lose Mr.Jeremy *myth-busted*

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