A Gamers Life, Brok3n Xbox, and MMORPG

In November 2009, my xbox 360 has reported yet another failure from 3rod (also know as Red Ring Of Death) which occurs when the console founds an error and just went "dead" until you sent it back for major spanking. Not to mention I payed rm330 for the fix just to find it dead again after a week. That marks the end of my trust towards my friend's shop at Sungai Wang. Currently still "hospitalized"

So what did I played during the days without my console? of course I still have my reliable PC to keep me from being bored to death. But even that is reaching the limits, as computer games are very... very slow to come out a good one. So what is the next solution? Playing FREE MMORPG.....however

That didn't worked out too well too...
3 years ago, I was pretty active in mmorpg, I've tried RYL II, Atlantica, Gunbound, RO2, Audition, SDO, Guild Wars, 9Dragons, 2MooN,Red Cliff, Runes Of Magic and more well... not that I remember all of them. Some are good, some just average, some just bored me to death.

First I tried this year is Soul of the Ultimate Nation (SUN)

This game gives me a great anticipation over its stellar graphics (perhaps one of the best for f2p mmorpg). The character designs are great, you can play as Berserker, Valkyrie, Dragon Knight, and Elementalist. Each class are very unique, and the are various ways to play them. You can customize your gameplay to your liking by building up stats to complement your style.

So when I start to finally play it, there are some really disturbing annoyances.
1. See the poster there? that is the only classes you will get to play. Not to mention, you can't chose your gender or do much customization with them. It is pretty much fixed for you.

2.You need to login the game.... through the website! This is very annoying to me as each time you want to start the game, you will need to log in to the website and launch your game from there

3. The armor designs are great, cool even. BUT, no matter how nice they look... it just doesn't cut it if you are only able to choose those same type armors. Yes, the armor is the same for each level (tier) and there are no unique or other shape or designs you can choose from. Which means you will see each and everyone of your class and level wear the same thing as you. Customization for me is critical in a mmorpg game where you would want to distinguish yourselves from the others.

4. Old school combat system. Its all too similar in all mmorpg where you click a skill button, you spam, you kill the enemy, okay repeat those steps x9999 times and you've played through the game.

5.Boring, nothing new is brought on to the table.... wall of texts for story, running here and there like an errand boy doing his slave job.

The 2nd mmorpg I've played is... gosh can't believe im saying this, MAPLE STORY 2

Well... I can't really consider that I have played through this game as I quit it just after 30minutes in the game. Its boring, hideous, unresponsive button mashing-game, pain linear gameplay, dated-graphics, and.... total devastation. Hmm, only advice I apparently can give is don't play this game? lol..

I don't know... maybe I'm just too old for this kind of game. Once you get used to the great RPG made for PC and Consoles you would never felt that mmorpg are attractive anymore.

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