2010 the Year of Future Entertainment? NATAL confirmed

Terminal Reality Already Working On Project Natal Game

Microsoft has been cagey about a release date -- or even a release year -- for their entry into the motion gaming space, Project Natal. A leaked CES 2010 promotional interview with Robbie Bach, Microsoft's head of entertainment and devices, appears to have spoiled that surprise: Natal is coming holiday 2010.
Okay, sure, no one is shocked, but it's something. See the video for more surprises!

The leaked video has since been ripped down in anticipation of Microsoft's annual CES keynote. It's expected the video, and by extension Project Natal, will be part of the keynote tonight.
"I think [Natal] is going to revolutionize how people think about the gaming business and actually turn it into an interactive entertainment business," said Bach. "I think we're finally going to get there where people can break the mold of gaming and get to real entertainment."

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