Grand Imperial Wedding Full Course Meal

Earlier this evening, my mom just told me, "We are having dinner at 7" , and I was like.. owh ok thinking why did she need to inform me? Then it finally reach that time, I was feeling weird looking at my parents dressing up so nice just for a dinner, then I asked, whats the occasion? then my mom replied me all the same, its a dinner at a nice place.... , owh ok I didn't thought much of it.. then when I walk out to the car, my mom told me to wear shoe! I was like.... huh? ok... fine.

Then inside the car my mom told me it was a wedding dinner! I was like O_O? wedding? whose? what!!! I ask why she never told me, she said "I did told you we have dinner tonight"

= =" Dinner and Wedding Dinner have BIG difference duh! if I knew I won't go... =p

but since I have the chance... might as well take some pictures and put some comment!
so the dinner I was having was at this place called.....Grand Imperial @ Sri Hartamas

The meal is started with

1. Special Four Season Combination

2.Double Boiled Golden Coin Shark's Fin

3.Crispy Roasted Smoked Duck & Tea Leaf

4.Steamed Promfret Fish in Superior Soya Sauce

5. Deep Fried Prawn & Fresh Salad Prawn

6.Braised Stuffed Sea Cucumber with Mushroom

7.Fried Rice with Salted Egg Yolk & Seafood

8.Deserts (too freaking long name)

I am especially fond with this from the first dish, it is deep fried yam shell with scallops in the middle of it, it gives off a really nice aroma and crunchy feeling to the scallops ^^

The rest of the meal is fine indeed, the Duck and Fish dish is definitely great although others are just okay. During the final meal which is the red bean paste soup... the girl almost accidentally SPILLED it on me, and it give me a shock! luckly she picked up the momentum and SLAM it to the table, LOL, we were all dumbfounded during that time. Luckly some of it just spilled on the table and not on us.... the night definitely end with a bang with that one lolz.

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  1. wow dude you are really into blogging nowadays. LOL.
    Nice layout though. ;)

    And pretty cool blogging style. Keep it up. ;)

    Anson Tan says:

    ;D thanks dude! lolz althought im still very noob at blogging *_*

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