Street Fighter : Legend of Chun-Li wins an Award! *grin*

Well, history has always repeated themselves, movie made from a video game doesn't usually end up good, however this particular movie has made a name in the movie industry for actually winning an "award"

Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li, which has won Rotten Tomatoes' Golden Tomato award! I haven't checked the category yet, but I'm pretty sure it's ... oh. It's the Golden Tomato for "Worst Reviewed Movie of the Year."
Lets see what they say.. hmm

Reviews Counted:52
Average Rating:2.4/10

owh, that sounds pretty bad... what about the comments?

1. "A long slog with little payoff."
2. "Not only is this a strong early contender for worst film of the year, it could well be a candidate for the worst film ever made"
3. "Quite simply an embarrassment that cannot crawl into ignoble obscurity fast enough."

Okay... lets just keep it that way ;-P street fighter fans are best off playing their Street Fighter IV

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