Thief like to play games too!

Apparently, a thief manage to find his way into a house for a burglary, the mysterious thing is the thief found a DS and PLAYED it while he is busy robbing the house until the victim reaches back home and caught a glimpse of him..... The attraction of gaming seems to be too irresistible ? Just what sort of games he's playing I wonder....

Full Story below.........

An Illinois woman came home Monday afternoon to discover a burglar playing a game on her DS, the Herald News reports.
The 22-year-old woman told Joliet police that she was away from her house for about 30 minutes. When she returned and opened the door to her apartment a man ran out.
"The victim's Nintendo DS was on, and it appears the suspect had been playing it," Deputy Chief Mike Trafton told the News.
The woman's bedroom was ransacked and a "pink iPod Touch" was missing. The DS, however, was left behind.

I guess the thieves loves pink stuff as well like someone I know....

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