What on Earth has happen to the World of Anime?

Yes, as you guyz may already have known, I'm a huge anime fan, in fact I had watched anime ever since I could remember. That is what sparks my interest towards Japan culture, Manga, and what inspired me to be an artist when I was small. I remember the good old times like Dragon Ball, Dragon Quest, Doraemon, and the revolutionary Evangelion which pretty much absorbed me into their world. Being an adult now, I would like to share my personal review on the growth of animation from Japan.

Throughout the years, I admit that there were some anime that are good, and some that are bad. But nowadays I felt so unbearably horrified at how things has change in the anime world, and what kind of future will it turn out to be. Personally I think animation is how the manga artists can bring their world and talent into creating a fantasy world which can be shared by millions of people similar to movie directors making movies from novels.

Just how things have change? Just take a look at this Anime Listing for the Winter 2009

 The Heartless Bashing begins!

Honestly, if you asked me which one interest me I would say..... NONE. If you see the anime listings you will all notice one thing..... MOST of them are hinting the story will be a crap of bullshit, full of mindless fan-service, and absolutely no substance to add to the already horrifying story. Sure, they may look pretty and could probably satisfy some viewers, however over this past 2 years there are just TOO much of this kind of anime, example? Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, K-ON, Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu, Queen's Blade, Kampfer,  you name it. Not to mention the Endless Eight (google it) is the biggest pile of trash I've seen in my life (if you can watch all of it without cursing I salute you from the bottom of my heart). 

In this listing, there is nothing new, nothing creative, nothing but fan-service type of anime. I really wonder how the Japanese could be so obsess with this kind of show that they don't get sick of it? Some even married 2D girl as their wife, WTF?  What's worse you can even see some artist actually DUPLICATE the characters from popular moe-blob anime K-ON just to milk more money from the ridiculously rich fans who even go to the length of purchasing guitars used by the girl in the anime which they don't even know how to play it.

Sora no Woto Transformed from K-ON

Alright, to be fair Qwaser of Stigmata catches my attention, but when I read the summary again..... I was cursing WTF? at the line "He is a Qwaser, who can manipulate iron and draw power from.... BREAST MILK", Seriously.... this show could provide some good laugh, but none will last.I've seen Chu-Bra and Ladies versus Butler and it is painstakingly a pure crappy show, this I can assure you.

Where did all the great anime gone to? Fate Stay Night is perhaps one of the few anime that I remember as it has a really great storyline, however the producers just can't help but milking it more and more even after 4years has passed. This just shows how greedy those Japanese old farts can be in making money. Heroic Age, Evangelion, Gurren Lagann, Death Note, Code Geass and all those great anime can hardly be found nowadays. Perhaps all of the moe-maniacs in the Japan market is doomed as their population will drop more and more each year. What on earth is happening there one could wonder....

Well, maybe some of this show could be surprisingly good comedy-wise, but I no longer has any good expectations from anime as they are progressing backwards.

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