Gundam vs Gundam NEXT+

Kidou Senshi Gundam: Gundam vs. Gundam NEXT PLUS is a Sci-Fi Shooter game, developed by Capcom and published by Bandai Namco Games, which was released in Japan in 2009.

Alright, I'll be honest. This game box art sucks and it doesn't really catch my attention for this game until I saw the 9.5 ratings at gamefaqs which I thought to myself... oh really?

Graphics - 4/5
The graphics reminds me of the old good Gundam SeeD: Rengou vs Z.A.F.T in ps2 in which I thought is the best gundam fighting game to date until I met this game. Over the years there has been many... and I mean MANY crappy gundam games, most recent I've played is gundam musou which sucks totally. This game is a pleasant surprise, and it even blew me away with all the nice graphics suited to each and every gundam. The graphics although could look a bit pixelated at times it still look bloody fantastic on a portable machine. The effects are beautiful, the beams animation are accurate to the anime and the transformation is fantastic. Judging by the mountain of varieties you can choose from, the graphics are certainly one of the merits in this game.

Gameplay - 5/5
This is the best part of the game where it truly shines, GvG+ is actually adopted from an arcade game in Japan called Gundam vs Gundam (yea, they just added plus name to it and transfer to psp) so the gameplay is similiar to the arcade style added with a few tweaks such as the NEXT dash. The number of mobile suits you can control in this game is mind splitting as there are almost ALL popular gundam from EACH series that appear in this game. There are Arcade Mode, Free Play Mode, and NEXT PLUS mode with resembles mission mode with a custom team made by you. This game also supports ad-hocs play up to 4 players for awesome co-op and multiplayer battle. Next is the fighting system of this game, I am absolutely speechless by the number of movelist each and every gundam has that is unique such as SeeD, Trans-AM, God-Mode, Destroy, and the variety of weapons available for each units. This is truly the epic war game which are very fast-paced, button mashing madness and there is no time for rest. The melee fighting system is like street fighter IV where you combine moves like there is no end to it. Some gundams even have dual modes like 00 Raiser, F91, G-Gundam which is psp exclusives and it means there is more to master than just understanding how the game works. Oh, did I mention there is Gundam Unicorn in this game? LoL

okay... lets start counting, oh wait there's more?

Sound Effects/Music - 4/5
In this game you can almost find all the popular soundtracks from the old and new gundam series. My favorite so far is of course Gundam SeeD and Gundam 00 soundtracks which includes Nami Tamaki, Rie Tanaka, and many more Jpop artist songs, there is even those weird old gundam songs lying around lol. Every stage has their own unique bgm which makes this game feel very relevant to the series and will sure to make every gundam fan to feel nostalgic.

Overall - 4/5
Although I won't be so ignorant to crown this the best game for PSP, this is definitely one of the must have for every gundam fans. The game is extremely fun to play with friends and the gameplay is very stylish and awesome. Recommended for gundam fans and people who just love robot fighting game.

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