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Avatar....... is one of the most anticipated movies of 2009 from me, ever since I first saw the trailer last year I am expecting great stuffs from this movie from James Cameron. So what could the director of Titanic with a budget of $300million do with a movie? lets check it out....

Avatar tells the story of Jake Sully, a former marine that was wounded and paralized on war. Jake is selected to participate in the Avatar Program, which will enable him to walk. The program consists on mixing the Human DNA with the Na'vi DNA, to form an Avatar. Jake and a group, as avatars, of people travel to Pandora, a moon of the size of Earth, where he meets Neytiri, the Omaticaya's Clan princess. The RDA, the earth company that finances the project, tells the avatars to infiltrate the clan to get Unobtainium, a rare mineral that can save the human's energy crisis and that worths $20 million a kilo. When they start to destroy Pandora to get the mineral, Jake tries to help Neytiri and the rest of Pandora's creatures against the RDA and their private army.

Story - 4/5
The story of Avatar is the type where some will hate it, or some would find nothing wrong with it, but mostly would agree that it has a good storyline although not spectacular and predictable. As James Cameron has announced this movie since 1999, I am pretty sure that he would come out with a great script to present into the movie. Perhaps its the limitation of the time that doesn't allow him to fully present his ideas (if he did, it would be another lord of the rings gosh *_*). However although the story is simple, it is pretty much satisfying with the plot arrangement and how the story is told by explaining the beautiful alien world of Pandora. Perhaps the best moment would be the final 40minutes of the show where the gears would suddenly kick in and blast the awesome battles into the viewers mind.

Cast 4/5
Well, the main cast of the show is about a former disabled marine Jake Sully, sample maniac Grace Augustine, and a hot babe Trudy Chacon (I don't think I heard her name much in the movie), as for the Na'vi... well I only remember Neytiri and Tsu'tey anyway. The main character is easy to like and not so annoying. At the beginning you will experience how Jake is starting to get use to his new body Avatar, and watch him grow to become a warrior formidable enough to pawn everyone else. Especially when late in the movie he literally become the boss of the Na'vi clan lolz. Neytiri is like Pocahontas..... jungle girl who is forced by her mother to teach the baby Jake in how to become a man. In my opinion her acting... or better said computer designed expressions are so believable that it out powered any human actor in the show.

Cinematography/Graphics - 5/5
The computer graphics in this movie is unsurprisingly awesome beyond words at our generation. It is full with state-of-the-art effects and computer rendering powers. In my mind this movie is actually even better looking than Transformers 2. Although the characters rendering could be polished more details, the movie itself is carefully constructed with CG that it look photogenic at every scene especially in the Pandora world. I felt overwhelmed by the beauty of Pandora when I first watched it, and fell in love with the world the second time I watched it in 3D. The world feels alive, the animals, strange living things, Eywa (the god of Pandora which is a bloody huge tree), the squid-like-seeds, and the plants all felt real. This movie is worth every ringgit you have been selfishly kept in your wallet to watch in full 3D in IMAX as it is acclaimed as the next-generation of 3D for movie. The final 40minutes war is mind boggling and heart stressing as your eyes are desperate to burn every delicious frame into your mind. Don't worry if you're wearing spects, the 3D glasses are big enough to cover all (I know mine did) although its heavy as hell... my nose felt pain after watching the movie lol.

Sound Effects/Music -5/5
Guyz, the album for Avatar is out and you can either purchase them or... you know ;-) . I've listened to the tracks and it felt very serene and peaceful followed by a fast-beat rhythm battle songs. It matches the movie well, and brings out more from the motion pictures. There are parts where the Na'vi would do some enchanting or praying where I found it quite strange. The Na'vi language is created ground up from the developers of this movie, however it isn't used often in the movie of course. However I am curious in how they create all this alien languages, you can crap any words and people won't even question it because they simply do not understand it. But I can see the effort they put into creating this language and they should be praised for it. Language aside, the battle effects are awesome as well, from machine robots punching around, big bull dowsers flattening the forest, and the weird dino-sound like creatures. My favorite of course would be the theme song of this movie... "I see you" by x factor best winner Leona Lewis. All of her songs are great, and I especially loved this one followed by Time for Miracles from 2012 from Adam Lambert.

Overall - 5/5
It may be bias for me to call it the best movie of 2009 as there are many other great contenders as well. But from the budget of $300million, James Cameron, awesome graphics, Oscar nominated for best picture this movie simply can't go wrong although it could be better. I simply love how they make things simple with this movie, as the Pandora world is easily accessible by anybody without the need to understand long-winding story which starts from "once upon a time" crap. This movie is highly recommended for anyone who love fantasy science fiction love story, it is well worth your 2 hour 45minutes and you won't even felt it was that long and craving for more....

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