Sherlock Holmes

In a dynamic new portrayal of Arthur Conan Doyle's most famous characters, "Sherlock Holmes" sends Holmes (Robert Downey Jr.) and his stalwart partner Watson (Jude Law) on their latest challenge. Revealing fighting skills as lethal as his legendary intellect, Holmes will battle as never before to bring down a new nemesis and unravel a deadly plot that could destroy the country.

Alright, sorry for the late reviews, been busy today... but while the memory still remains fresh in my mind let me share my reviews of this movie to whomever who is planning to watch it.

Story - 3/5
I'm just going to be pretty straightforward here.... since I'm not really a big fan of mystery films so I'm not good at judging it from a deduction skills point of view. The story is fine by all means, however it did fell short in terms of solving mysteries such as in Indiana Jones dungeons, murdering method, and the execution. It was all jammed packed at the end of the show when Sherlock would raise the curtain and expose the murder done by Blackwood. But by showing all of it at once, it would make it difficult for the viewers brain to absorb the scientific complexity of the murder trick making people like me (who is absolutely clueless when comes to science) to just watch and.... owh, ok.... urm what ?? However, the lack of mystery integrity was instead replaced with action-packed, comedy, hilarious plots between Sherlock, Watson and Irene. The comedy was great though, it was fun listening to Sherlock teasing Watson.

Cast - 4/5
Perhaps one of the biggest attraction for me to watch this show is because of Robert Downey Jr. who I didn't have the slightest idea who he is until he starred Ironman. His acting is absolutely hilarious and his face expressions are just so suitable for awkward moments and jokes. As for the Sherlock Holmes image.... well I ain't so sure about that, detective with 6 packs? I didn't knew that detectives can fight so well, so calculative, so precise, and fight like a world class elite fighter. Honestly I also agree with Watson when he said that "You ain't human Sherlock!" because it really seems to appear like that. Sherlock's nose is so sensitive that he can name all the chemical ingredients in the air, I bet even dogs nose will lose to him. As for Watson, he is fine and make a great character in supporting Sherlock acting, which somehow reminds me of House MD.

Erm...Sherlock with six packs? lolz

Cinematography/Graphics - 4/5

The way the director (Guy Rithcie) film this movie is absolutely refreshing, fast pacing and plenty of heart throbbing moments with the slow-motion action scene. I am especially fond of the moments where Sherlock will just go slow-mo and predict all his opponents moves and thinking of the ways to counter them with his own blows. This is exactly what is needed in this movie as it will be absolutely boring for me if I am just to watch riddles, riddles and more riddles. I am also pleased with the fast-paced action which leaves no room for boredness and still moments. The funny moments are well placed as well as they are mixed together with action and felt natural and lift up the mood of the audience.

Sound Effects/Music - 3/5

The sound effects in this movie are not bad, but not great either. After watching a lot of action movies and hearing tons of sound effect, the same bland of sounds are starting to show its age. This movie includes alot of ear numbing moments, from Sherlock Holmes point of hearing which makes the audience feel what he is feeling, this is good. The bad is the lack of bgm , there is a very lack of music in this movie, as it is replaced with lots of background sound effects such as the crowd cheering, ship wrecking, bell ringing and such. It is perhaps the director intention to make it as realistic as possible, it is not wrong however. There is also a lack of impact theme song to remember this movie by.

Overall - 4/5

This movie is definitely should be in your watch list if you're a fan of Sherlock, mysteries and action. The acting is great, the action is packed, and it is satisfying. The length of the show is approximately 2 hours, and hinting a sequel by the end of it. I am definitely looking forward for the second show of this ^^

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