Best game of 2009

Surprisingly, after having watched the review of gamespot over the best games of 2009, I honestly didn't think Demon Souls would win the match againts Uncharted 2, Dragon Age Origins, Forza Motorsport, Sims 3, Killzone2, Rachet and Clank Future, Assassin Creed 2 and Batman Arkham Asylum. (Does anyone wonder why Modern Warfare 2 didn't get nominated?)

Of all the great game rosters, it seems gamespot editorial department felt Demon Souls had prevailed and become the best game of 2009.

Alright, to be fair I haven't had the chance to play Demon Souls yet so I am going to list all from what I've read about it.

1.It is insanely difficult
2.Dying alot is part of playing the game....
3.It is lonely if you're playing alone without hooking up to the Playstation Network and thus killing off all the innovative multiplayer features of Demon Souls
4.It has lovely dark thrill graphics like that would make any dungeon seekers loving this game
5.It has great boss fights

As I've said... the game is punishingly difficult which would make it not accessible by casual gamers. So be ready and have lots of patient if you're planning to play this game.

I do not fathom Gamespot decision to left out one of my favorite game of 2009 which is Modern Warfare 2!! one of the best selling games, best multiplayer network out there, and engaging campaign filled with cold steel bullets piercing flesh and the scandalous "No Russian" mission!! Where can you find a game where you can actually play as terrorist and killing innocent people? lolz

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