Wondering how girls get husband at China?


A group of eight Chinese girls trying to find husbands opted to eschew conventional dating and instead strip off in the street whilst proclaiming their availability.
The ladies apparently gathered at a railway station exit in Guangzhou, and in spite of the cold and drizzle stripped down to their underwear and began dancing whilst holding up “recruiting” signs and distributing leaflets with their mating criteria.
Supposedly their parents insisted they hurry up and marry, so they opted to speed up the process.
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Naturally enough they soon attracted a crowd of camera-toting admirers…

Just how successful this marriage tactic proves remains to be seen (as does any potential ulterior motive for what seems far from a spontaneous outburst of exhibitionism), but whatever the case onlookers seem unlikely to complain.

>Damn, China is truly China, they surprise us every week without fail with their culture. I'm so glad im chinese, however it is also saddening to know that we will never have this kind of paradise in Malaysia. They even have TV coverage on them!! free view for everyone at home lol

So you guys are wondering what would happen if this trend is followed by Malaysia? well... feast your eyes
Erm.... no thanks LoL

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