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As seen from kotaku:

According to Japanese game magazine Famitsu, that is. The publication has crunched the review scores and has listed the platforms in order with the best library of games.

In the current issue of Famitsu, reviews until late 2009 were considered. Famitsu grades scores on a scale of 40 points out of 40. For games to get a "gold" award, it needs to get a 32/40. So for example, the Game Boy has 15 games (out of Game Boy 1,071) that scored at least 32/40 or better.

It is important to note that Famitsu has become more generous with its scores in recent years — hence more classic consoles at the bottom of the list.

20. Game Gear (0/184, 0 percent)
19. Wonder Swan (1/179, 0.55 percent)
18. Game Boy (15/1071, 1.40 percent)
17. Genesis (11/534, 2.06 percent)
16. PC Engine (22/628, 3.5 percent)
15. NES (34/955, 3.56 percent)
14. Super NES (55/1407, 3.90 percent)
13. PlayStation (130/2645, 4.93 percent)
12. Sega Saturn (52/930, 5.59 percent)
11. Game Boy Advance (90/618, 14.56 percent)
10. Dreamcast (62/407, 15.23 percent)
9. Nintendo DS (152/887, 17.14 percent)
8. Wii (50/257, 19.46 percent)
7. PlayStation 2 (393/1997, 19.68 percent)
6. Nintendo 64 (38/183, 20.77 percent)
5. Xbox (40/185, 21.62 percent)
4. PSP (90/388, 23.20 percent)
3. GameCube (87/240, 36.25 percent)
2. Xbox 360 (104/240, 43.33 percent)
1. PlayStation 3 (77/171, 45.03 percent)

Of course, if a console has a smaller library there is a great chance that it will be have more "gold" games. Well, unless it's the Game Gear. Quality over quantity, or something!

Hmm, alright, let me share my own reviews over the consoles that I've owned before so far.
I had a Gameboy,Gameboy advance, PC of course, Playstation, Playstation2, Playstation 3, PSP(fat and slim), Xbox360......

Well without a doubt for graphical abilities PC will forever be ahead of consoles as they can be upgraded each time a new technology is out. But when we're talking about gaming consoles here, of course we will evaluate the console based on its game library!

PC : Best for FPS (first person shooting) , RTS (real time strategy), Mmorpg,
Consoles : Best for everything else, RPG, Platforming, Driving, Action, Fighting, you name it

For me, I have a great blast with the PS2 era.... because of its amazing library of games and because the console itself is one of best ever developed by Sony. With its amazing lifespan still surviving until now, it is without a doubt a legend. PS3 is starting to shine at the moment, even though it loses the headstart of the next-gen war, it is beginning to pick up the competition with great titles such as God Of War 3 , FF13, Heavy Rain and more exclusives titles.

As for the PSP, the game library has always being critic by many for lacking quality titles with the best game I've enjoyed so far is Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core even after its been holding on for 5 years. In the portable category it is without a doubt that Nintendo DS has robbed PSP of its glory. With the new Nintendo 3D DS which will soon be revealed, it is only a matter of time before PSP will have to withdraw from the market.

Well, I didn't really play much of Nintendo DS, because I am not really interested with its game library. As for Gameboy and GBA, boy oh boy, those are real old school for me! I just love the old and simple games such as pokemon and mario. Best game I remember is Golden Sun for the GBA as it reminds me of the epicness of final fantasy in that game.

Now comes the worst console I've ever played. Xbox360 is like a nightmare to me. Although I did have some great time with it because it really have some truly spectacular titles such as Halo Series, Gears of War, Modern Warfare, some Square Enix RPG's, and with the upcoming project NATAL, the xbox have everything going on for them. Xbox360 could be considered a great improvement over Xbox as now it have a massive market share all over the world. Unfortunately for me, I have problems with the console hardware itself as it keeps on failing me with its disastrous 3rroD. "Great game library, not durable Console" *end note* My phobia towards its fragile hardware has lead me to return back to Sony's embrace....

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