Don't be late! Digi is starting I-Phone pre-order until 18th March!

Anxious for Apple iPhone 3GS offerings from DiGi? We got good news for you then. The telco has just started taking pre-orders for the popular devices through its official website. Open until 18th March, all you got to do is fill up your details inside this form ( 
As simple as it sounds though, the pre-order application does come with several catches. First, there are no launch dates or pricing details. Secondly, this pre-order program is not meant for those who are not willing to collect the pre-order iPhones personally at any of the three cities listed in the form. Last but not least, only one unit per application.
But then, even though if you registered yourself to the promotion, you are not obliged to purchase the device.With that, we strongly urge you to fill up that form, so that you can easily look up for further updates from DiGi.

So, first come first serve, you have 6 days left!

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