Heavy Rain Review : Where Story Telling Comes Alive

This is one game you shouldn't miss!

GAMEZ score :5/5
Graphic : 5/5
Gameplay: 4/5
Story : 5/5
Sound : 5/5 

Well, Heavy Rain is one of the first game that I've played on my ps3 and it definitely blew my mind away. This game is very unique to its kind, there hasn't been many games on the market that dares to try the approach of Heavy Rain, where the whole game is played by the players who are in control of the story itself. The smallest decision that you made will determine the outcome of the story in ways that you can't predict.

 In this game you play as 4 main persona's, the Father Ethan Mars is your protagonist in the game

The Graphics are one of the best I've seen on the ps3 platform, the raindrops, dark environment, fires and the nature feels so surreal and realistic which will sometimes makes you forget that its a CG. The facial expression on the characters have great details and textures that make them feel believable and perhaps most "human-like" characters I've played. The transaction of the environment during the investigation (ARI mode) when you play as Jayden is astonishing beautiful, although a bit jerky at times but its still nothing short of amazing.

 You get to play as Jayden, the FBI detective with one of the coolest sunglass I've seen

The Story is where this game truly shines, well seeing that this game is heavily story-based, I expected nothing less than a story that will make me skip a beat, memorable and perhaps !snap! . I have no complains on the story as it definitely delivers more than what I expected. The story is extremely engaging and you will find it hard to leave the game without knowing what is going to happen next. I'm not going to forget the Heavy Rain story anytime soon as it have many great "moments" where it is going to be remembered for a long time. I don't want to spoil any of them to those who haven't play yet but you can expect to have some very shocking moments, twists that you never expected and touching situations. Kudos for the great story, heck I won't be surprise if this game is made into a life action movie and win an Oscar award. 

Madison is perhaps the hottest girl you will play in Heavy Rain

Well, I'm guessing that many people have questions what sort of gameplay could you expect from Heavy Rain when it concentrated so much on the story by itself? The gameplay is yes, simple. You only need to mash buttons, pushing the right button at the right time, holding several buttons together, and moving your sixaxis around to go through with the story. However simple it may sound, It actually is very fun and exciting. The action is very fast paced, you don't have time to fall asleep when you are playing. You need to be very aware and have good flexibility to get it perfect everytime. Instead the simple gameplay makes it easier for you to be fully immerse in the story and it has a good balance between action and story telling. The only problem that I had is that you may have some difficulties finding your way due to the confusing camera angles and weird movement controls. 

Finally you will play as a private eye Detective Shelby Scott

The soundtrack of this game is awesome, it has everything from cheery environment such as the mall , thunderstorms , rains, and even the wind. Each of the sound feels real and honest. The sound effects helps alot to define the atmosphere and to keep the story exciting not knowing what will happen. The voices of the characters in the game is great as well, the voice acting is believable, relevant and dramatic. It helps the players feel the "emotion" in their voices and also to understand the characters more. Each of them is unique and have its own distinctive personality. 
The conclusion of this game is just awesome. Players who are looking for a great story for a game will need to buy this game and try it themselves. However it may not be appealing for those who love pure action and gaming like fps because this game require patience and it slowly picks up the player into the world. This game is very deeply emotionally links the player to the story, as you keep playing the game you will feel that you are one of the characters inside. Strongly recommended!! d(^_^d)

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