So What You Think About Early Marriage?

Well, yesterday night I just attended one of my secondary school friend marriage (Cassie Lim and Kevin) at the HCH (High Convention Center) nearby Sentul. The night was great, me and my friends have a great time at the special occasion as we wish one of us a big congratulation on their wedding day. Most people might not attempt to get marry at such a young age (22) and I truly am amazed by their courage and dedication towards each other to tie the eternal oath. Well, I guess most of us were debating about the pros and cons of getting married early, its interesting to listen to other people's opinion as well, well read on for the whole event~

The night started when every tables are filled with relatives and friends

We get a peek at the dishes *slurp*
Well, the best dishes gotta be the Suckling Pig and Roasted Duck

During our meals, we have to close our drinks with cups! Wondering why?

Because this happens.... and yea, I was like beside it when they decide to pop the damn thing all over me
Some group photo's
The lovely girls of the night (do not ask me for contact =P)
Nonetheless the spectacular guys of the night (*cough*juz kidding)

Okay, so here's what I would think about early marriage.....

+ You get to have child early for your parents (make ur parents really happy)
My friend mom is just 30+ age! unbelievable.... I thought she was Cassie's sister at first mana tau..... 
+ You get to spend your youthful days together
+ Have many chance to give birth to many many children who will take care of you in the future.... (great investment eh?)
+ Hmm, no need to worry about being a bachelor for the rest of your life? lol

- As the picture suggests, its game over.... well for me its very scary!
- You don't get to have much personal space anymore
- If you're a gamer then its pretty much a dead sentence to your career
- You might miss out a lot of "fateful" encounters
- Face it... people are skeptical towards early marriage (people would think something had happened)

Well, there is always good and bad in everything, however I sincerely wish that both of them would achieve happiness and stay together for a very very long time ahead. d(^_^d) Congratulation! and may you lead a happy life...

Okay, so whose wedding is next? ';...;'

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