Streets of Osaka is Cosplay Paradise Again!

Kawaii >_<"!

Girls in stockings. Girls in wigs. Girls in frilly dresses. Over the weekend, the cosplaying hoard took to the streets of Osaka's Den-Den Town in the annual Nipponbashi Street Festival.

The main drag, Sakai-suji, was closed to traffic so cosplayers and people with cameras could mill about, pose and snap photos. It was, for a brief instance, reminiscent of Tokyo's geek mecca Akihabara before the tragedy that struck in June 2008.

A 25-year-old man named Tomohiro Kato drove a rented truck into a crowd of pedestrians. He then got out of the truck and began wildly stabbing bystanders. Seven ended up dead and ten were injured.
 At that time, the main drag in Akihabara was closed to vehicles, and the street had been dubbed "Pedestrian Paradise". After the massacre, the streets were no longer blocked to automobiles during the weekends. The mood in Akihabara changed forever. Security cameras were installed in Akihabara earlier this year.

Well, I still remember the incident of the streets massacre. That was when my brother is still at Japan, lol and if I still haven't forgotten he was nearby the scene when it happen. I even asked him "You x kena stab ah?" xD well fortunately he is still safe and alive.....

The weekend's festivities in Osaka seemed to be careful and fun. Like the good old days, no? Enjoy the rest of the gallery!!

Hmm... I forgot which anime she's from, Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien something I think
 <3 Shery Nome and Ranka Lee
 Taokaka from BlazBlue
 ^^ Ranka Lee again
 Nanael from Queen's Blade
 Probably is Elyse from MyBalls
 Trap Kannagi
 Chubby Bayonetta
 Some Miko who is lost....
 Rozen Maiden's Aunties? LoL
 Disastrous Sailormoons
 Of course this is the winner, whats Cosplay without Spidey? d(^_^d)

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