5 Reasons why Girl can't Game!

Gaming has long been the perfect way to fulfill the competitive nature males are born with. Unlike fighting, sports, races, or shoot-outs, gaming takes a completely unique, non-physical approach to competition. It can be done from the comfort of your couch and usually doesn’t end with a fist in your friend’s eye, unless he’s really good, then how else are you supposed to win? The perfect combination of coordination, skill, knowledge, speed, and reflex makes every minute of gaming unique. Men thrive on the competitive balance video games offer and nothing comes close to delivering the experiences gained from them.

Things are changing though. I’m not talking about the snot-nosed brats plaguing the online experience. Nor am I hinting at the future of gaming. I’m stating, with grave seriousness, that women and girls are moving in to take what is the last realm of the man world. That’s right, more and more women are trying to be gamers. Do not fear though, men! Even though things seem to be hopelessly lost, there is a reason gaming has belonged to us since the beginning. Women simply shouldn’t game. It seems that the absence of the coveted Y chromosome results in the incapability to be a gamer. Don’t believe me? Here’s the top 5 reasons girls can’t game.

1. Girls cant take their eyes off the controller. This has always amazed me. Women can do ten things at once in the kitchen, but as soon as you put a controller in their hands, they can’t take their eyes off of it! The game is playing, bullets are whizzing around, and they’re looking at the buttons trying to figure out where they went. They’re not going anywhere! It took me 2.4 seconds to scan the controller the first time I picked it up and that’s the last time I’ve ever had to look at it. (1.4 of those seconds was admiring how sleek it is.) Also, the left stick moves your body, the right stick moves your view. It’s not going to magically change 30 seconds from now. The face buttons aren’t going to switch spots to laugh at you. It has been the same for years now, and it’s not changing anytime soon.

2. Women can’t think logically. In real life, paying bills is more important than buying shoes, a suitcase-sized purse being used to carry three items is lunacy, and $110 for a single pair of jeans is highway robbery. However, women don’t think this way. To them money is an inconvenience required to get shoes and

Starbucks, and guys are only good for working to pay the bills.
So how in the world could they be expected to know the difference between an SMG and a 7.62mm fully automatic 240B? The answer is easy, they can’t! The funny thing about women is that if they don’t understand something, instead of researching and learning it, they ignore it. So next time your girlfriend gives you a hard time about playing, just remember that she’s mostly upset because she’s not smart enough to know what’s even going on.

3. No concept of reality. Perfect example is the Twilight series. Worst movies ever. Terrible storyline, awful acting, and drama that can only be related to the worst of soap operas. Yet, look at how popular the series is. The simple truth is that as much as they deny it, girls believe the content in TV shows is real. They’ll argue and try to change the subject to keep from the truth but the simple fact is that they believe everything that happens on TV. When a woman is pregnant on TV all they can think about is how amazing it would be if they were too. When “true love” is portrayed as walks on the beach, all their online profiles start repeating that. As a result, gaming universes are so full of action and plot twists. So just let them read their fan-fiction written by other 13 year old drama tweens, and be happy you can understand games.

4. Have you ever sat down with a girl and tried to help them play a game they haven’t played before? There are some universal rules to gaming, but regardless of how many games a girl has played before, every session seems like they’re first. They start running into stuff, throwing grenades at their feet, shooting team members, and wasting ammo on the ground. All the while you’re next to them trying to tell them what’s going on, buttons they need to hit, and where the enemies are. Nothing you say matters, they just keep doing what they’re doing and will get mad at you for raising your voice. Why is it that no matter what you say, how often they play, or how similar the gameplay is, they still act like a two year old that got a hold of the controller for the first time without daddy knowing about it. Your best bet is to get them their own console and go head to head with them, racking up kills while they throw grenades at the sky.
5. Girls just don’t get it. No matter how amazing games get, the female species won’t be able to grasp the concept. Video games are a bigger market than movies now and that outcome has very little to do with women. Since the beginning of video games women have always had a negative attitude towards it, mainly because they don’t have the mental capacity to understand it, or the dexterity to start trying. More and more girls are starting to admit they like games, but don’t be fooled by this. Look beneath the surface of their admissions. Most will admit they “game” just because they like shooting things. I love shooting things so I go hunting, but that doesn’t make me a gamer, does it?

Just remember...

Males are so amazing that we can control the fate of worlds, take on entire armies, revenge the Gods, and destroy civilizations all withing the comfort of our homes, and our understanding, multitasking, dexterous minds. Video games deliver experiences that we will never get to live through, or control in real life. Would you buy or play a title where the whole storyline was about gossiping, fairytale “falling in love”, getting married, and bitching to your husband about everything he does/doesn’t do before divorcing him and taking everything he’s worth? Of course not! That is why video games are for men and women have Sex and the City and Nicholas Sparks. Their drama is sexist, let them have it! I’ll stick with my chainsaws and sniper rifles.

Source: http://www.gamenewshq.com/news/454617

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