May'N Big WaaaVeeee Concert Rocks Malaysia!!! *Update*

I'm finally back from the Big Wave Concert starring the Jpop singer May'N or her famous nickname Sheryl Nome. The concert is definitely one of the best I've been as it really has a great presence of the star and we can really feel the excitement and the hype of the entire concert.

Below is the story of May'N concert experience,

This is the place where it all begins... Life Centre / @ ex-RuuMz

 We reached there around 4pm but the crowd is already building up

 This guys must be really May'N hardcore fan..... (there's a tour bus from Singapore just for this concert)

The beautiful reception girls (selling t-shirts and sticks) , sorry bout the guy

 The shirt cost rm48...!!! man, I will have to live on bread for a week

Some dude just won a very nice figure of Sheryl , very lucky! and he doesn't even know who she is ROFL!

Its nearing the time for the concert, the crowds are queuing up until the end  probably ranging around 400-500 people

There's tv crew there for the coverage too! Alright guys... time to move in
Unfortunately beyond this point no camera are allowed!

The concert has finally ended, everyone walking out happily, tired and satisfied
Final T-shirt selling (damn I forgot to ask if there were posters for sell)
 Coincidentally I found a black cat on my way out (the cat is so cute ^^)
 The after party for the Singaporeans (kiasu betul)
 I find this picture interesting, so I decided to take it =P
Overtime! its at the very same life centre, with the munakata restaurant that I always wanted to go. Will come again ^^

[All photos of inside the concert is removed]
Please be patient and wait for the official photo's guys ;-) don't want to spoil anything for the great concert


These guys are truly a hardcore fan, never missing a show of hers.... omigosh, only from Japan

Finally I will describe my experience during the concert... It begin with the 4 private dancers entertaining us with their awesome moves, then the main star appears and everyone started cheering really LOUD!, I thought my eardrums were going to blow off from all the noise. 

As the concert went on, we get to witness May'N dancing moves and awesome singing voice that we all came to know and love. During the middle of the concert , May'N even spare some time to teach us some dance moves (lol) most of us were clueless but nevertheless we all tried ( Malaysian Boleh! mah....). 

Some of my favorite songs such as Diamond Crevasse, Kimi Shinitamou Koto Nakare, Deep Breathing, and all the popular hits were song by her ^.^ As the concert is nearing its climax, we all shouted for encore , mo ippai (one more time), as loud as we can. May'N finally come and hits us with her signature song "Lion" for the last climax which is totally the performance of a star. 

This is where it get touchy moment, after all the song were sang, May'N finally speaks to us (not in the rehearsed English phrases that she use from time to time like "thank you" "are you ready" or such, but in Japanese language which truly is from her heart). I would try my best to translate everything that she say, but it may not be accurate ^,^

May'N : I am so happy that you all came to see me tonight! , I love Malaysia food especially nasi lemak and pisang goreng! This is the first stop of my tour Big WaaaaVeeee!!! Malaysia! (rofl)

May'N : (she starts to switch to jap) I'm not sure if you all could understand what I'm trying to say, but I really want to wish you all a very sincere thanks from the bottom of my heart for this overwhelming support that you all have given me. 

May'N : (almost crying) I can see all of your eyes sparkling in this concert and it really gives me the power to perform to my best~!, I'm not sure how well my tour well go for Hong Kong and Taipei, I am also doubting myself if I can be an International superstar... but seeing you all here has given me the greatest confidence there is!

May'N : Even though Malaysia and Japan is far away, but my song will link us together! the distance between us will always be close...

May'N : For the final time I want to see all of your faces! , Malaysia is great!! I will come back again given the chance! See you all again =")

d(^w^d) hai~... good work May'N, I definitely have no regrets going to this concert
Good luck in your next tour too! and although I'm not sure what it means... !!MoTTekeee!!

Finally, some word from the star herself from her blog!


Finally has started!!!
Malaysia!!!KL LIVE!!!!!!

Thank you very much everybody for today!!!

I will never forget today!!
Until we meet again!!!!

Thank you sooooo much!!!!!XXXD
I Love you~⊂( ^ω^)⊃

my special prize to you \(^_^)/

6 Response to "May'N Big WaaaVeeee Concert Rocks Malaysia!!! *Update*"

  1. Jim says:

    Kindly remove all unauthorised images from the concert before us, the organiser take any legal action. thank you for your cooperation.

    Roey says:
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    Roey says:

    I remember I saw you ytd...
    thx for translate May'n words. appreciate~

    (from someone who attend the concert ytd...haha)

    Anson Tan says:

    @JIM: sorry for the inconvenience that I have caused, but I have taken down all photo's inside of the concert ;-) thanks again for the great concert!

    @Roey: Hey there ;-) nice to meet you, lol thanks for the compliment, but I wasn't really sure of myself due to all the noises around me but I hope I did her justice on her final touching words ^^

    Anonymous says:

    Bro, its Doggystyle (from LYT) here. Appreciate if you could just drop a link to the source of the pic or mention the contributor. Well, nice write-up.

    Anson Tan says:


    erm, I'm not sure what link I could drop for you as those pictures were taken by myself lol

    well, not for the May'N photo's of course =D he's a friend of mine and he is one of the media's photographer that day. Rest assured when the official photo is authorize there will be plenty of May'N photo for us to see ^^

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