Reality of Katana

Well, for some reasons foreigners worships katana as being the best blade wielded by man. So there are this bunch of guys who had actually tried to cut a broadsword with it (lol). We usually see in movies and anime and Katana is supposedly be insanely sharp and able to slash through metals and bodies like sponge cakes.



This incident has spawned plenty of comments from the katana "worshipers" which is quite amusing to my sight, rofl d(^_^d)

They’re using it wrong!
This is probably just an imitation using cheap steel…
Even a katana gets bent and broken. I don’t see the point.
A Japanese blade bends!?
Looks cheap.
Ah, the way the light reflects off it is all wrong – an obvious fake.
It’s no fake. Also, cutting and striking are two different things. If you want to ‘cut’ you need the right technique.
Doesn’t this make a steel shield the ultimate defence?
People really have too many illusions about these blades. Looks cool anyway.
You shouldn’t use all your strength when swinging a blade anyway.
Foreigners really worship katana and ninja a little too much.
Steel wouldn’t bend like that! Is it aluminium?
Steel would never bend like that!
Because a broadsword is a blunt weapon.
Just proving why the spear is superior again.
Seriously? Excuse me while I go to the shop to sell Masamune…

A Japanese blade’s strength lies in its ability to dispatch an enemy in but one stroke, it doesn’t rely on sheer hardness. These foreigners like flashy things so perhaps the harder thing looks stronger to them.

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