"Miku Day" Concert..... where thousands of Otaku watch 3D Idols perform

I am actually still in awe and shock by another revolutionary technological advancement that Japan has been focusing on into bringing a "Virtual Goddess" Hatsune Miku into real life...

This concert has been a huge success from the news where thousands of creepy otaku's attending the concert of ..... something which I can't even categorize, maybe a "virtual singer" is what I could come up with.

The idol herself:

The concert itself is made up of the Virtual Singer being displayed on transparent display at the stage with live bands playing the instruments.

The sheer number of otakus attending this concert is creepy

Comment from one of the concert attendees:
It was nothing like it looked on Nico.
It was like Miku was actually there, in front of you. What’s real and what’s an optical illusion, it was hard to tell.
She was glittering amidst the smoke and lights – it was especially nice how she used the smoke to change costumes.
This is better than any normal live performance! The world of anime has come into the real world! I get goose bumps thinking about it… in the end I wept.
[he goes on at length about how amazing it was]
What makes 2D so great is that you see from our world. But live Miku was different. It was like Miku came into our world. Not just watching images, but the descent of Miku down into the real world.
[he continues at length about how Miku is the best thing ever]

My comment to them is..... wake up, do not confuse fantasies with reality, Its hard to imagine what kind of future would Japan hold with its denizens acting like this....who could blame them with the declining birth rate when they keep on wasting resources for something like this?

Reportedly there was 2500 people who attended the concert......

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  1. Kice L says:

    I would have attended as well if I could but I was half the world away in the US. Miku is a large part of Japan and she is adored by many of its citizens. When the tech becomes available I would predict a realistic Miku Android to be singing. It's just a part of their culture. Most americans seem to prefer to watch sports and stadiums and such are constantly built for those. Miku is just one of their cultural focuses and money is spent on it. Bottom line is, the concert made people happy. I'd say it was resources very well spent.

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