May'N BIG☆WAAAAAVE!! Asia Tour 2010 , Live !

It has been a blast today for me and my brother. We went to Sunway Pyramid around 1.30pm to avoid the jam and traffic, luckly it has been a smooth ride for us. So we reached there too early and walk around, eat lunch and buy some stuff from Sunway. Man, I feel like its been forever since I went Sunway shopping, the sheer amount of shops there is mind-numbing. I will personally applaud you if you manage to explore every creek and corner of that gigantic shopping complex. Cutting the crap aside, May'N is suppose to have a special appearance at AnimeTech@Sunway, which supposedly is the HQ of the whole franchise. We were pretty dumbfounded when we discover that its size doesn't do the name of HQ justice.... I mean, it was just like 6m square feet. Its a very small shop indeed, but we waited anxiously for the star to appear.

Lets get the pictures Rolling!

Before the show starts, the crew are preparing

 There already have some people lining up for the lucky draws and stuff

 Anytime soon before the star arrive

 Sunway AnimeTech is quite... small
 The MC is cute d(^_^d)
 Everyone with their high-end camera gadgets (me with my pathetic phone cam)
 The MC friend is cute d(^_^d) reminds me of someone
 They are actually giving prizes away (my brother's friend get an autographed poster! damn lucky)

 The interview begins, When asked what food May'N ate when she came Malaysia she said in a very awkward BM (Na-si Le-Mak-ku) !! Rofl I laugh my stomach out. She also said she want to try Roti Canai !
 Some people from Macross Frontier Malaysian Association (MFMA) give some custom made figure and drawing to her ^,^" awesome

May'N actually looks much cuter in person than in posters d(^_^)b

Second photo shots is from my brother, the quality is apparently a whole new level ^,^ as expected from dslr's


 Thats all for now, the big event is tomorrow!

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