Mai Shiranui is Back To Save KOFXIII

As seen on kotaku, it seems Mai Shiranui will finally be back for some action in the next series of KOF.
There was something missing from The King of Fighters XII. Make that, there were many things missing from KOFXII. But one of the most notable was jiggly ninja character Mai Shiranui.

She did not make it into The King of Fighters XII, but mentioned as possible DLC last year. "I think the thinking is that they are making you wait because you want her," Shane Bettenhausen from the game's US publisher told Kotaku last year.

That was last year. That was KOF XII.

Banners at the preview for the upcoming King of Fighters sequel, The King of Fighters XIII, show Mai Shiranui and not that she'll be "joining the fight". Meaning? Meaning Mai Shiranui in arcade game The King of Fighters XIII.
Mai is one of the most popular and recognizable fighting game characters. Her image has been recreated in countless figurines and endless fan art.

 Lets face it.... Without Mai, KOF doesn't feels like KOF anymore 


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