So, What is actually Playstation Move?

See those colorful balls? It seems it changes color with your environment, and it also suppose to be the Move trademark

Sony claims it is not a wii-remote rip off... (yea right)

May I present to you.... the PlayStation MovE!, well its not really a secret anymore, We all know this oversize chopsticks by the name of playstation motion controller "Arc" which has changed its name to MoVe!, Reason why? well, because Microsoft kiasu and say Sony plagiarize one of their patented name and forces Sony to change the name.....

According to someone who tested it in action... he justifies why it isn't a wii-remote rip off:

For those who need the basics, the PlayStation Move is a remote-like motion-sensitive controller with a sphere at the end. The sub-controller is an off-hand controller being offered for some Move games. The Move controller connects to the PS3 with the help of a PlayStation Eye camera, which detects the Move's colored sphere, while tilt sensors in the move transmit their position data to the PS3.

But at first glance, the whole thing seems like just another version of the Wii Remote and Nunchuk.
Not quite. There are key differences:
-Fewer buttons: The Move controller is actually even more streamlined than the Wii Remote. Nintendo's Remote still offers/confuses a new player with a d-pad, plus, A, minus, 1 and 2 buttons as well as a home button and B trigger. The Move has its own home button and underbelly trigger, but just five other points of button input. That makes the controller actually feel a little naked and therefore likely even less daunting to a new player — unless they need their controllers to look like TV remotes.

-No wasted batteries: The Wii remote sucks up AA battery juice. The Move and its companion sub-controller are rechargeable via the same mini-USB connection used to charge the PS3's main controller.

-A smarter controller: I played SOCOM 4, a third person-shooter, with the Move pointed at the TV like a gun and the sub-controller in my left hand to command character movement. Wii games that were controlled with Remote and Nunchuk could be befuddled if the player pointed the Remote away from the screen. If you were playing a shooter and aimed just off the screen, the game's camera might start spinning or the game would pause and ask for the player to point at the TV again. The combination of camera sensors — the Sony Eyetoy on top of the TV detects the presence of the Move — and a gyroscope prevented SOCOM 4 from getting confused. When I moved my controller to point off of the TV, the gyroscopic sensors kept track of my movement. The same thing happened when a SOCOM developer blocked the Eyetoy camera. The precision of the controller diminishes in these situation. but the PS3 doesn't lose track of the device.

-No wire!: The Wii Remote and Nunchuk are tethered by a short cable. The PS3 Move and its subcontroller are not.

-No off-hand gyro: The Wii Nunchuk has a sensor that detects motion, more crudely than does the Remote. The PS3's version of the Nunchuk, does not have a motion sensor, according to a developer I was speaking to. There's a chance that is not final, but that is the case with the controllers at Sony's showcase event today. But that's why two-handed boxing-style games were shown with two Moves. On the Wii, those kinds of games are handled, with supposedly less precision, with a Remote and Nunchuk.

-The colored ball: The colorful sphere at the pointing end of the Move is the thing that the PlayStation Eye uses to detect the presence of the Move. The color changes. In the demo I played with SOCOM 4, the sphere was orange. Why? Because the software detected that there was no orange in the background. If we had been in a different room, the color would be different. The Wii's signature hue may be white, but this varying color at the end of the Move will likely prove to be the Move's visual trademark.
Hmm, from what I can make it out from, the testimonial seems bias, perhaps the author is a Sony fanboy? I don't really find this all that special, you might as well just give me a remote gun and a d-pad and the gameplay will feel all the same.

So, here are some of the demo's and game that is set to be released to Move

Oh!, here's one game which sounds funny "The Shoot"

Apparently... this game will have you swing your Move left and right, up and down, twisting and a full 360-degree swing which will slows down the game in slow-mo. How cool is that to perform it at public (rofl)

Whether the Sony Move or Microsoft Natal which one shall prevail will remain to be seen in the short future....

Yea... swing it and hope you won't break anything

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