HELP parking FAIL

So, today I can't really get some good sleep (perhaps too excited to play FF when I woke up) so surprisingly I got to my lecture class 40minutes late only today.... the class itself was boring and it makes me more sleepy as time goes by. Finally after the lecture class, I took the opportunity and leave early to avoid paying extra for my parking... (its rm4 for first 2hours and additional rm2.50 for the next hour, CRAZY!)

As I return to my car... I noticed 2 cars blocking the road completely leaving the cars inside stuck. What catches my attention is a notice left behind by someone on one of the car above... WHICH totally makes my lol for the day

d(^w^d) Kudos to whoever wrote this awesome note!

2 Response to "HELP parking FAIL"

  1. Mike says:

    Fianl warning notice some more... blacklist more cars, then might have more parking for us, who do considerate parking...

    Anson Tan says:

    They should just toll the car away lol

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