Tokyo Game Show is Holding up another Cosplay Event

Via: Kotaku

The people who make the annual Tokyo Game Show happen are pulling out all the stops to boost attendance for the geeky game gathering. The latest tactic to draw more attendees? Even more cosplay and official fighting game tournaments.

TGS is no stranger to hardcore video game and anime cosplayers. They're some of the best in the world. But this year, CESA is instituting the "International Cosplayer Project," according to Andriasang's translation of the TGS announcement. The game show organization will be inviting cosplayers from other countries to compete in a game themed dress up-off against the Japanese.
The show will also be home to the Tougeki Super Battle Opera fighting tournament, an annual contest held in Tokyo and sponsored by Arcadia magazine.

As previously noted, TGS 10 will also feature a beefed up PC area, an electronics space and more room for the kiddies! Sounds a little "TGS 4 All" to me, but this might just be the numerous shots in the arm the Tokyo Game Show needs.

CESA Plans Cosplay and Fighting Tournaments For Tokyo Game Show [Andriasang]

Well, if you asked me, many people loves to cosplay, many of them failed, some succeed, but who cares about such small details? cosplaying is a way to show their enthusiasm and love for the things they like...

I for one, love it when the cosplayer is hot, yes im talking about that girl in black costume and her

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