Nightmare revisits photoshop

Well, I know most of you probably have seen worse, been trapped before, believing that the illusions posted on the net is true, and probably even feel victim to one of this scams. Today I shall introduce to you the probability scenarios that could come out from this picture:

1: Its a trap (meaning its a guy who photoshop himself as a girl)
2.If by any slim chances its a "she" then its inevitable that this is a product of some photoshop
3. The pictures are not modified by any means, the "girl" before and after is 2 different person (probably payed money to make this possible)
4. "She" went for plastic surgery
5. I'm pretty much 100% sure this is photoshop though, whenever you see images in small resolution, it means that it has been modified, why? because its that much simpler to modify small pictures so nobody knows it have been altered.... so don't get trapped guys/girls who often patron dating websites!

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