Starcraft II, Hell Yeah... Its About Time!

"Hell.... its about time"

I can't believe that this thing has finally touchdown at my hands....! I was so happy last night that I couldn't really wait any longer to grab this game with my own hands. After its 1998 debut Starcraft I, here is its rightful successor StarCraft II : Wings of Liberty. I bought it from a lyn dealer for rm228... unfortunately I was too late and I miss out the freebies, however I was lucky enough to get the limited posters which is HUGE! =D and also its so funny that the dealer gives free condoms as an extra gift..........

See the unboxing pictures below:

The packaging is quite nice, and there are quite alot of stuffs inside as well. There are 4 guest pass for both WoW and SC2!! which means I can invite someone to play for a little bit :p

I have just started my campaign and dashing through 5missions already but I can say that this game has been made into perfection and I have absolute no regrets buying it.The wait is definitely worth it,  can't wait to try the multiplayer ^^

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