Black★Rock Shooter OVA Review

Words can't begin to describe how this awesome OVA spawned from Hatsune Miku song "Black Rock Shooter". To begin with, BRS and Hatsune Miku is not the same person, although you can see the similarities of their artwork. A word to sum it up is "Mysteriously Fantastic!!"

*Spoiler Free*
The story begins to unfold with a peaceful life of 2 students who just started junior high school who met and develop a deep friendship. The main cast of this anime is Mato Kuroi and Yomi Takanashi........

As the story keeps on going, you will see an epic battle which take place in a mysteriously world between Black Rock Shooter and Deadmaster. The animation quality is superb (although I see some similarities with K-ON!! in their artwork) the battle animation is fluid, engaging and teasing the audience at the same time giving just a glimpse of the battle in between the story leaving you wanting for more.

This OVA is definitely a recommended watch as it holds almost 1hour of your viewing pleasure.

Some of the awesome screenshots taken from the anime:
Peaceful Days
I wonder who is this?
Epic battle clash
One of the few answers you will get " I am.... Black Rock Shooter"

This OVA is definitely very mysterious and it doesn't reveal much, its probably to stimulate the viewers own imagination, I got my idea of my own but I'll just keep it to myself for now.

Not to forget that Black Rock Shooter has also spawn some awesome artworks and figures!

*sigh* I did wish that I have enough money to purchase them, but my capital limitation doesn't allow me to do so =/

Hope you guys enjoy this review, and enjoy the show! For more information you can get them below:

2 Response to "Black★Rock Shooter OVA Review"

  1. I have the first figure pictured...It's definitely pretty cool looking...

    Anyways. for the OVA itself, I'm thinking it's a very open-ended plot of which way it could go in terms of being deciphered. I know some others who figured it to be parallel, while, I figure it to be a linear storyline, showing different worlds of different times at the same time...but, even I don't have all of the connections in my head put together yet, so that's all I'll say for now.

    Wolf516 says:

    lol, either way I think another OVA is inevitable for BRS... still too many unanswered questions. That figure cost around rm400++ here in Malaysia which is pretty much overkill to me.....

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