Microsoft says Kinect doesn't like Skirts!

Microsoft’s upcoming motion controller Kinect has become the subject of ridicule for its inability to track the legs of people wearing skirts.
Those playing pre-release versions report beskirted women were unable to have their legs recognised.
Similar warnings about baggy clothing have also been circulating – it appears certain fashions simply have no place in the future of gaming.
Kinect has been confirmed by players as requiring wide open spaces of the sort only guaranteed in cavernous American homes, as being dependent on players remaining standing up for many games, and as being only able to actively track a few players at a time – although spectacular when working properly, just how much it can be relied upon to do this is a matter of some concern.

Well, I have a very small room anyways, and it doesn't seem that Kinect would work for me, so I'll vouch for Move ;-)

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